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Broadcast your music easily

MP3 Audio Player gives you the opportunity to create an audio player or broadcast some music in the background without any hassle. You’ll be able to easily choose your music, your audio player style, your settings and just add a shortcode.


Downloadable: Allow the user to download a song, thanks to a small icon.

Styling: Use various settings to customize your audio player or your background controls.


Initial Volume: This version allows you to specify an initial volume.

Playlist: Create a playlist instead of just a single song.


Auto Start: Why not start automatically the broadcast when the client load the website ?

Device Restrictions: Show/hide the player for different types of devices (desktop computer, tablets, smartphones).

User Restrictions: Choose who sees what. Only allow Guest/Logged In users to see the popup.



Install the plugin

The first thing you need to do in order to use your plugin is to install and activate it. Click the link to view the steps you should take in order to achieve this (it's very easy, no worry).

Frequently Asked Questions


This plugin was released recently, we will update this F.A.Q. as we get support requests from our users.

WordPress 3.6+

Theme support
Supported by most themes (let us know if you have any issue).

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How to use the plugin?

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We chose PayPal because it is safe and easy.

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Live demo        Free version        Support request

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