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Scratch card, anyone?

Ever wanted to use a scratch card on your website to give your users the sensation of winning (like a discount code for example)? Scratch Card let’s you do just this. It’s as simple as uploading a couple of pictures and using a shortcode in your posts/pages. Entirely customizable, this plugin lets you choose different possible outcomes with percentages as well as plenty other features.


More scratching shape: Choose between different scratch shapes.

Multiple outcomes: Add different outcomes/results (by uploading different images).

Percentage before discover: Choose a percentage that will discover all the image instantly.

Device restriction: Hide the effect for some kind of device.

User Restriction: Choose who sees what. Only allow Guest/Logged In users to see the scratching effect.


Install the plugin

The first thing you need to do in order to use your plugin is to install and activate it. Click the link to view the steps you should take in order to achieve this (it's very easy, no worry).

Create a Scratching Effect

  • Go to the Scratching Effect PRO tab in your WordPress admin panel and click Add New.
  • Give a title to your scratching effect for future reference.
  • After you’re done editing your scratching, adjust the settings to your liking.
  • Save your scracthing effect.
  • Go back to the Scratching Effect PRO tab in your WordPress admin panel and click Scratching Effect PRO.
  • Get your shortcode and insert it on each page where you would like your Scratching Effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't create or edit my scratching effect
The reason for this could be that the CMB2 plugin tool isn't installed and activated. Check your Plugins page to find out. If it isn't there it will show a notice in the dashboard, you can install it in one click. Scratching Effect needs this tool to fully work.

This plugin was released recently, we will update this F.A.Q. as we get support requests from our users.

Bundle Available
Buy Scratching Effect PRO and  Modal Popup PRO and save 20% with the promo code SCRMODAL20

WordPress 3.6+

Theme support
Supported by most themes (let us know if you have any issue).

What's in the PRO version?

How to use the plugin?

Secure Payment
We chose PayPal because it is safe and easy.

Secured by PayPal

Live demo        Free version        Support request

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